About us


Dedication to meat
Meat is our great passion. This is why we make no compromises, either in sourcing, quality, ageing or preparation. Hendrik Maas, our chef de cuisine, travels the world in order to discover the top varieties of meat from the USA, South America, New Zealand, Australia and Germany itself. Juicy, healthy, finely marbled and free from hormones. Ensuring that our expert cooks have the very best ingredients to work with, and you enjoy an authentic, unforgettable taste experience.

The dry-ageing chamber

Time to mature
We don't stress our meat, and instead give it time to rest. We allow the meat to mature on the basis of a centuries-old ageing method at low temperatures and high moisture levels, combined with gentle air circulation. For the meat to develop in the way our diners appreciate – wonderfully tender in texture and intensely aromatic in taste – requires 6 to 8 weeks in our dry-ageing chambers with daily quality checks by our chefs.

The Southbend grills

Heat for the best aromas
Our meat is grilled flaming hot. At 800 °C on our original US Southbend grills at the [m]eatery restaurants in Hamburg and Stuttgart. The intense heat, which is only exerted on the meat from above, causes it to caramelise. This method of grilling ensures that every steak is crisp on the outside and gently pink, juicy and full of intensive aromas on the inside.

Our service

Relax with us
Whether it's in Hamburg, Stuttgart or Dresden – our [m]eatery bar + restaurant team looks forward to welcoming you. At our restaurants your dining experience is made up of intensive aromas. We'll be happy to advise you on the origin, degree of maturity and cuts of our meat varieties, while recommending the ideal wine to go with them and even shaking an irresistible cocktail for you. And everything in a way which is relaxed, friendly and – like everything at our restaurants – just right.